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In the field of fashion era and modern culture it is a challenging position for every men and women in commencing India. I t is very common  problem when a new fashion came in to the market an how to adopt it, would it be comfortable for me or not, so it is acceptable or not. India is a country here all types of men and women found, some of them accept western civilization, and some of them discard it. If we talk about clothes style for women’s it is very rapidly changes our society and culture. With reference to the above mention lines and I want to draw attention of people regarding to lingerie and it quality and does it should wear or not by women by this article online lingerie store is dedicated to seeking fun stylish products from different parts of the India to make it accessible to our customers. It is one of the best sellers of lingerie in India. The main motto behind to running Fabsdeal is that to provide a convenient and flexible facility for women to buy any kind of lingerie Online via its E-shopping facility.
Now a day’s people wear different style of undergarments. Undergarments that is commonly worn by women today is that Bra (Brassiere) and Panties. If we talk about lingerie it has been divided into several category, basically there are two types of lingerie famous. The basic function of lingerie is that it is worn to cover the trunk that mean outside of the abdomen, back, belly etc is known as panty. Another one is that it is worn to protect waist and legs which cover both available. We basically discuss here about panty, it has mainly some important types which is mostly prefer and selected by women. Some of them are discussed here
1.      Brief: This is very popular type of panty it covers the back and up and almost  the waist and just below the novel.  In this type several model like Classic cut, French Cut, Control Briefs etc.All these have different styles and design.
2.      Hipsters:  It is also same as the Brief but minor difference is that its strip or frame  is very below around the hips, that’s why it is  known as Hipsters.
3.      Bikinis: It is a special type of panty worn at the hips and  the literal different in Bikinis and Brief   that the fabric at  the side are  in very small width. Hips are almost opened as comparing to Briefs
4.      Tangas:  Tangos design and functionality is much different than above types. It is a full hips coverage and strip (waistband) is reduced to just a narrow strip at the side.
5.      Boy Cut: This is the very desirable panty of woman now. It is so pretty look up and design, every woman have choice to keep it at least one its own wardrobe . This is very simple and comfortable. Its look like little mini shorts that show off the bottom of your butt.
Apart from these famous style and category there are several other category that are famous in the market woman also like it and wear it.

All these above mention product and category are available in the inventory of Fabsdeal. Any men and woman can do shopping from our website. Apart from these products Fabsdeal product include Bra, Nightwear, Sleepwear, and Sportswear, Leggings etc in different style, color, size and brands that can be seen by on the
Fabsdeal has a very confidential and secure business policy between customer   and shopkeepers. Any third party or person has not been involved from the shopping to shipment delivery to the customers. No matter what would you want and in which brand is your favorite. If  you want to Bra then go to
Bra section, if you want to panty then goes to panty section of our website. If you want to do shopping according to your desire brand as like Jockey, Enamor, Lovable, Soie etc then go to our brand section and choose product according to your choice. All products are available according to brand classification. We have all type s of payment facility available Online payment via Debit/Credit card or Net Banking. Offline payment COD(Cash On Delivey) are also available, that can be paid when shipment will delivered to customers.
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