Monday, 30 May 2016

Buying Lingerie Online: Easy Convenience for Every Woman's Necessity

Online shopping is the predominant avenue of purchase today. The digital age customers wish to save the time and money spent on visiting physical stores for every small need they might have from time to time. Therefore we have developed an ultimate online shopping destination for lingerie online shopping India. We are the trusted online market place for the complete range of fashion wear depicting the latest trends and designs. You will find the collections with us stunning and the quality awesome. 

Visit Our dedicated online portal and buy lingerie online India. When it comes to fashion wear, you need to stay with the latest trend and the best way to do it is to bank on us who can bring you the most trendy collection from the leading manufacturers at the most affordable prices. With our long and sustained experience in the online marketing arena, we can assure that you will have a surpassing customer experience with us as our online portal takes into account the best needs of our customers. 

Intimodo is a well-known name in the fashion wear industry. We deal with the latest designs and collections from the top brands of the industry and therefore you will find us the best online destination for buying your favorite collections. You need not feel the hassles of travelling to the physical destinations by wasting time and fuel. You can conveniently visit our online stores and place your orders for the chosen picks to be delivered at your door steps. Visit our store and buy lingerie online today to land on the best deals and best prices.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Trousseau essentials: Enticing lingerie

Lingerie is a powerful weapon of women to entice and beguile men. No matter women are skinny or fat lingerie beautifies woman’s assets. Bridal lingerie is indeed an essential ensemble. Plethora of designs and styles are available to glamorize woman’s sensual curves.

Beguiling Night Wear
Your wedding night is a great time to flaunt your sensual night wear and to make your husband feel special. You can wear appealing lingerie to have a voluptuary look and perfect wedding night. Go for the ones which have soft fabric, adorable laces, twirling ribbons and pleasing strings.

Comfort is a must
Try to fetch the lingerie which gives you ease and comfort.  It is an essential collection, which a woman would need before and after the wedding. Wearing comfortable lingerie gives you confidence and enhances your personality. So buy lingerie which gives you relaxation.

Myriad Collection
You should have a myriad collection of lingerie. When planning for a honeymoon, you should grab different kinds of ensnaring lingerie. Levitate the pleasure you and your husband will have by having deceiving lingerie. Enhance your outfit by wearing enticing lingerie under transparent apparel, silicon bra looks perfect with backless dresses, thongs and c-strings are best to quash those nettlesome panty lines. For mesmerising nights buy those sybaritic corsets, pleasure-seeking baby dolls, luxurious chemises and camisoles

Spice up with Accessories  
To have alluring honeymoon lingerie is not enough. Accessories brings spark. Handcuffs, eye masks, stocking serves as the best way to tease.

Glam up with naughty apparels
You can make those beguiling nights of honeymoon more exciting by dressing up as a sailor girl or a bunny. You can buy playful panties which have cute bunny prints and are transparent.

A newly wedded bride is an embodiment of simplicity and elegance. Lingerie is an add on to her beauty and sensuality so she should take care of the minutest details while purchasing her lingerie essentials.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Why Opt For Online Lingerie Shopping in India?

Ease of buying, the variety on display and, more importantly, reasonable prices with heavy discounts and free shipping has made online lingerie shopping a popular option for women in India today.

Lingerie shopping, needless to say, is mandatory for women, but it may become a tedious task, especially for those who are elderly and may be slightly compromised by going out to buy their inner wear. Never mind ladies, here the good news. With a computer that has an internet connection, your lingerie will be delivered to your doorstep. And at very reasonable prices, too.

Online lingerie shopping is not confined to any age group. It is for everyone, particularly those who are somewhat embarrassed or uncomfortable when walking into a shop that sells lingerie and voicing their exact needs. As you shop online, you talk or rather command your computer to meet your demands. There's no human contact. Therefore, no discomfort or embarrassment either. Privacy is guaranteed, and the embarrassment of having to give your physical specifications to male salespersons or even trying on revealing lingerie is eliminated entirely. 

With the online shopping craze gradually gaining momentum the world over, it's for you to choose, therefore, what your choice is going to be. In case you wish to spare yourself from the trouble of commuting, visiting a store that has limited options and sells at higher prices, online shopping for lingerie could just be the thing for you. Give it a try. It's a choice you will never regret.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Guidelines for online lingerie shoppers

Women love to shop and now they can enjoy their insatiable hunger for shopping at their abodes as well. Purchasing intimate clothes is no more reluctant and bashful; you can buy your favorite lingerie online. These days online shopping is hassle free. A woman should not be worried while doing online shopping. Few things need to be kept in mind while snapping up enticing lingerie.

Body type:
Before purchasing your intimate apparel online you must know your body type. If you are top-heavy then you should go for fuller coverage. Wearing slouchy and baggy apparel will disfigure your look. You must be sure about your size.

Every online portal gives the detailing of the product. So read all the details of your product before purchasing.

Return policy:
Carefully read return policy before ordering. As you can exchange your product within a limited period of time. So be very circumspect in spending money.

Customer reviews:
Every good portal will have positive reviews. Do read customer reviews before investing your precious money.

Online shopping is always convenient and favorable. You can explore a plethora of designs and choose the best one at an affordable price. It gives you privacy as you don’t need to face people while shopping your intimate apparels and moreover there is no time boundation you can snap up your favorite lingerie any time day or night. It is available 24/7 and 365 days so it gives you freedom to fetch your enchanting and beguiling products at your own convenient time.  Online shopping is relaxing and stress buster for women. Online lingerie shopping defies coyness and inhibitions as you do not have to face sales staff. It is always good and hassle free to buy online intimate apparels.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Lingerie - A Powerful Possession for Empowering Women

Before 80’s lingerie was considered as an ignominious and a humiliating item for women. They could not carry their “private item” freely in public. Lingerie had a submissive role in garment world. But today, it is a treasure trove for the liberal and conscious women. It is no longer an understatement rather a fashion statement about women. Modern EVE does not feel bashful or timid to reveal her inner beauty. Lingerie makes woman unleash her inner goddess and feel beautiful.

Be it spending a time around beaches, in fashion shows or in a bedroom, lingerie is a most comfortable item that beautifies women curves and make them confident enough to carry their inner sensual beauty. Exceptionally hedonistic lingerie embellished with winsome laces, gleaming gems, cute ribbons are available to adorn women and make her merry. buy lingerie online

Lingerie reveals feminine expressions and ignites their self confidence. It acts as a sword of women that speaks about her delicacy and allurement. Women reveal her idiosyncratic, eccentric and unconventional beauty through lingerie. It connects them with their sybaritic luxury and makes them courageous and bewildering yet cautious and beautiful.

Disclosing those undisclosed chattels through lingerie boosts the confidence of women and helps them to make their unflappable identity in a patriarchal society. Lingerie speaks everything to a world outside which women could not speak and adds spark and enthusiasm in woman’s life. It not only beautifies her curves, but also helps them to have a foothold in male dominated society by boldly revealing those swim wears, string bikinis, monokins and microkinis.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Shop your personal thing personally | Bra | Panty | Nightwear Buy Online -

Whether you are a woman looking for lingerie, or a man searching for lingerie that your partner would surely love, one thing is for sure-you are confused with multitude of choices in the market. Selecting a one lingerie shop can be difficult when you have wide array of online stores to choose from, Right? Would it be good if there is one such kind of online lingerie shop that would cater every woman’s needs? You don’t have to dream it anymore. One such online shop exists! An online lingerie stores which carry everything you could want to create the sexiest ensembles in front of your guy. No matter whether you want panties set, sensual bra, nightwear, stocking, legging, shape wear, or other branded lingerie’s, Fabsdeal is one stop destination to solve all your lingerie concerns. With just click of mouse, you can browse our latest collections effortlessly. You can look in to all various styles and buy whatever is suitable according to your taste. You will find wide range of colors and sizes along with the reasonable prices. With Fabsdeal, you will surely have pleasant and comfortable experiences when you shop for the items you want in online stores or branded stores. To add another flavor in your online shopping experience, we provide great delivery services right to your home in a matter of days without ever leaving the comfort of your house. So, start your shopping with us who will truly help to make buying lingerie online an easy convenience for every woman. COD available.
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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Bra Online Shopping in India

Ours is the number one portal for bra online shopping India. When it comes to bra, you will always need the most reliable and high end quality as it is a matter of fashion as well as health. You will not like to see low quality products ruin your dreams, comforts and looks. Therefore, it is essential that you shop from the most dependable source that can help you get the best products at the most competitive pricing. In addition, you will always want to see that the shopping experience online is a highly relaxing and fulfilling one. 

We sell bra online India and our collection is vast with several designs, sizes, styles and fabric. You will find our line of products highly meeting the best of your needs and preferences. Therefore, a large number of customers who have purchased from us once will never go to other sources since we have a great amount of accountability which is very rare to find today in the online businesses. We have designed our portal in a highly user friendly way that helps you accomplish all the business functions the easy way.

We have taken every measure to see that bra online shopping becomes a pleasure for our customers. They always feel the difference it makes to purchase with us and also recommend us to several other new customers. Thus, we see that our customer base is phenomenally growing at a rapid phase with the services and products equally widening too to meet the growing demands from our valued customers. Intimodo is the number one name in this arena and you can bank on us for all your requirements.

Get your lingerie here:

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Push Up Bra Online in India

While there are a large number of ecommerce websites today, only a few are offering quality service to their customers. An online trading company must be highly reliable and must offer superior kind of customer service. Read some online reviews and customer experiences before choosing the company you wish to buy your products. Take advantage of the huge collection you find in our online stores and purchase from us the hassle free way with a superior customer service assured.

From our reputed online stores, buy lingerie online India. Since we believe in bringing the best to our customers, we source the products from top brands and assure the industry’s best prices. When you buy products from online stores, it is important that they fit you right and you are satisfied. In this regard, you will find Intimodo the best in the industry.

Deem us a great place to buy lingerie online shopping India. We have a stock of a stunning range of collection for all age groups. You will find our quality most assuring and dependable. There are few online stores that can match with our quality and variety.

We are the chosen destination for a large number of customers for sports bra online in India. Our customers purchase their favourite collection from us the easy way enabled by our robust kind of online portal endowed with great functionalities. 

When you have a requirement for push up bra online India, you will find us the best choice to pick up your favourite one. We offer variety and always assure the most dependable kind of customer support and service through our online portal.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Read And Know The Importance Of Finding A Soothing Bra!

Bra is something that should give comfort and soothe to all the women when they tend to wear it. Since, they can able to stay comfortable with their outfits only if the bra they wear is comforting and soothing. If they address any issues with their bra, they cannot able to stay calmly and relaxly. So, it is the sole responsibility of the women to get the wonderful and good functioning bras without fail.
Keep in mind that, the bra, which you are going to buy, should be consoling and flexible. Also, the bra which you are going to buy should let you stay with ease rather causing some irritations or annoyance to your breasts. If you surf the internet, you can come across online bra sale.
Various Types of Bra
When you tend to buy women bra online, it is vital to know something about the types of bra. Then only, you can able to choose the best one for you. Since we cannot expect the console and comfort from the bra that fails to meet our demands – right? The types of bra are as follows,
·         Demi Cup Bra – If your desire is to wear the fashionable and trendy bra, demi cup bra is something you should consider without fail. This bra covers mostly half the portion of women’s breast and gives you a staggering look.

·         Bridal Bra –On the occasion of wedding, each and every woman wants to stay perfect and incredible. So, it is nothing wrong that, they would love to wear an easing and assuring bra. This kind of bra is exclusively designed for the welfare of the brides. So, the brides can feel the calmness and soothing effect once after wearing this bra.

·         Sleep Bra – Usually reports say that, a woman should not wear bra while she sleeps. Yes of course, the normal bra will cause some nuisance and soreness in your breasts. But, if your wear sleep bra, you will never get that kind of issues since it is solely designed to wear while sleeping.
About The Company
The fabs deal is a company where you could find amazing and astounding types of bras. You no need to compromise with your demands and needs since the company has huge ranges of bras with them. So, you could choose the one that matching you dearly well. Also, you could buywomen innerwear online if you select this company. Yes, using the website,, you can place your orders. One can find the consoling bras that suit them without any issues, in this company. Also, if the needed be, you can use the following details for contacting the company,
Contact Info:-
·         A31, GALI NO-2, MADHU VIHAR, DELHI-110092
·         Email id:-
·         Website:-
·         Phone – 011-43550193

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Online Lingerie Shopping India

The modern customers want to make all purchases online so that it saves them a lot of time, effort and money. In addition, the online purchase always helps you make better choices as you have a large number of options to choose from. We have a renowned presence in the ecommerce arena and have been marketing a wide range of quality products to our customers from the convenience of our robust online portal.

For bra online shopping India, we are number one company. Look at our amazing collection reflecting the modern trends in the fashion industry. We always sell quality products from reputed brands and never would like to compromise with an inferior quality.

Panty online shopping India is very easy with our online portal. Gaze at the variety you find with us and be stunned with the quality of the collection you find. Place your orders online and see the products safely delivered at your door step very soon.

Online Lingerie Shopping Delhi India provides you access to a variety of lingerie that will surpass your expectations. We have very clear terms of purchase and our customer oriented policy always works for the benefit of our valued customers. You shall surprise your near and dear ones once you show our online catalogue to them.

We are the one stop destination for nightwear online shopping India. Our nightwear collection is vast and is in tune with the latest trends. You are sure to be thrilled by looking at your most favourite collection from our online catalogue. 

Intimodo has a renowned presence in the ecommerce industry and you can take advantage of our best prices, superior quality service and high end class of products.