Monday, 11 April 2016

Trousseau essentials: Enticing lingerie

Lingerie is a powerful weapon of women to entice and beguile men. No matter women are skinny or fat lingerie beautifies woman’s assets. Bridal lingerie is indeed an essential ensemble. Plethora of designs and styles are available to glamorize woman’s sensual curves.

Beguiling Night Wear
Your wedding night is a great time to flaunt your sensual night wear and to make your husband feel special. You can wear appealing lingerie to have a voluptuary look and perfect wedding night. Go for the ones which have soft fabric, adorable laces, twirling ribbons and pleasing strings.

Comfort is a must
Try to fetch the lingerie which gives you ease and comfort.  It is an essential collection, which a woman would need before and after the wedding. Wearing comfortable lingerie gives you confidence and enhances your personality. So buy lingerie which gives you relaxation.

Myriad Collection
You should have a myriad collection of lingerie. When planning for a honeymoon, you should grab different kinds of ensnaring lingerie. Levitate the pleasure you and your husband will have by having deceiving lingerie. Enhance your outfit by wearing enticing lingerie under transparent apparel, silicon bra looks perfect with backless dresses, thongs and c-strings are best to quash those nettlesome panty lines. For mesmerising nights buy those sybaritic corsets, pleasure-seeking baby dolls, luxurious chemises and camisoles

Spice up with Accessories  
To have alluring honeymoon lingerie is not enough. Accessories brings spark. Handcuffs, eye masks, stocking serves as the best way to tease.

Glam up with naughty apparels
You can make those beguiling nights of honeymoon more exciting by dressing up as a sailor girl or a bunny. You can buy playful panties which have cute bunny prints and are transparent.

A newly wedded bride is an embodiment of simplicity and elegance. Lingerie is an add on to her beauty and sensuality so she should take care of the minutest details while purchasing her lingerie essentials.

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